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6 Steps to the Perfect Baby Burrito

Nothing is cuter than well-made baby burrito – except maybe an actual burrito when you’re hungry (nursing, amiright).

Seriously, though, swaddling babies is a millennia-old tradition that calms, soothes and protects newborns. If you don’t yet know how to do it, time to learn!

1. Lay the Blanket Out in a Diamond Shape

Choose a soft blanket and lay it, patterned side down, in a diamond shape on a bed or carpeted floor. There should be a point facing you, not the side of a square.

2. Fold the Top Corner Down About 6 Inches

Take hold of the top corner and fold it down about 6 inches, so that the top corner now rests 6 inches below the crease you’ve created.

3. Place Your Baby on the Blanket

Put your babe on the blankie with their head resting mostly above the crease, but a few inches below to ensure the cloth snuggles up around their neck when you’re done.

4. Fold the Right Side Across Your Baby and Tuck

Grasp the right side of the blanket and pull it all the way across your baby, holding her arms down at her side and tucking it in underneath her on the other side.

5. Pull the Bottom Up Snugly

Pull the bottom of the blanket up and hold it in place, making sure your baby’s legs are in the “froggy” position. If they’re not, gently move them up until they are … otherwise the swaddle won’t be nearly as comfortable/reassuring for her.

6. Wrap the Left Side All the Way Around

Lastly, take the left side of the blanket and wrap it all the way around, passing it tightly (but not too tightly) behind her and tucking the loose end into the back of the swaddle.

Voilà! A perfect baby burrito, ready to hold, nurse or lay down for a rest.