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6 Useful Things to Add to Your Holiday Shopping List for Your Kids



The holidays are fast approaching and, if your kids are like most, they have already started their wish lists for Santa. As parents, we want to give our kids everything we can and hope they will like it. Moreover, we hope that they will actually use what we give them. We don’t want to only buy toys that will break in a few months or get boring quickly. While toys are fun and your kids will probably love them, there are so many other presents to give that will last longer and have a greater meaning!


If you are in need of a little gift-giving inspiration this holiday season, here are our favorite gifts to give children that are productive and they will actually use!



One of the oldest toys around, they have withstood time because they are truly a great toy! Blocks allow kids to build whatever they like. They stretch their imagination and teach them how to be creative. There is truly no better feeling as a kid than to build something from scratch and proudly display to their friends and family after. The best part about blocks is that they make them in a range of sizes and materials for all ages. Plus, kids can share them and practice teamwork by building things together.




A new pair of clothes can make your kid feel like a star! This year, give them something to wear proudly and boost their confidence. Maybe it is a fun mini purse that makes her feel just like mom or a jersey of his favorite player. Whether they are clothes to wear to school or to play dress up in, give your child a way to show off their fashion and uniqueness.



Whether your child is a new reader or just loves hearing you tell stories to them, all kids love a good book! Freshen up their bookshelf with a new read for them to enjoy. If they are at an age where they are trying to read, books with small words in a big font and lots of pictures are a great choice! For young toddlers and infants, find a book that incorporates other sensory aspects, such as noisemakers, pull-out pieces, and textured pages.


Learning Games

Learning games should be on every parent’s shopping list this holiday season! They are a fun way to keep kids engaged and make them think. They are also great for bringing you closer to your child, so you can be involved in their learning process and help them grow. Ask your child’s daycare or school teacher what they are currently learning and look for games relative to their skill level. 


Keepsake Ornament

A keepsake ornament is a great way to commemorate each holiday and life event of your child that they can proudly display on their own Christmas tree for years and years to come. Start with a simple “baby’s first” ornament and expand as they age, even personalizing them and theming the ornament to certain things they like that year of their life. It is such a fun way to document the times and their interests!



Collector’s Set

Looking for something that will grow with your child? Help them start a collection that they can add to yearly. Some common options are toy cars, dolls, bracelet charms, pearls, coins, etc. It can be even more meaningful if they continue collecting something that someone else in the family has been collecting for years, as a way to show them what they can achieve over time if they are patient. It will also be fun to see how certain objects change as the years pass.


Happy Shopping!

This is typically around the time when parents start to panic and frantically begin our shopping without any real direction of what we should be buying. But there is no reason to let this holiday season get the best of you or to aimlessly go from store to store. Make this year’s holiday planning and shopping fun by getting a head start and buying gifts you can feel good about giving!