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Beat the Heat with these 8 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Beat the Heat with these 8 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

It’s almost that time of year again! The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, classes are wrapping up, and your kids are getting antsy. They’re dreaming of summer fun, meanwhile, you’re just trying to mentally prepare yourself for the days ahead. This year, instead of having the same boring summer, keep things exciting with these 8 activities to stay entertained all season long.


Be a Beach Bum

What’s a summer without a day at the beach? It is a classic activity that really never gets old. Surely every summer vacation is not complete without a day spent basking in the sun, making sand castles, and catching some waves. The beach is a great spot for kids of all ages and there is always lots to keep them busy, all while you can have some much needed time for relaxation.


Go Where the Wild Things Are

This summer, take your family to a zoo or aquarium! Each is a great way to learn new things about animals and have fun doing it. Tickets are relatively inexpensive and most places offer great programs for kids of all ages to enjoy. Many places even offer frequent family-friendly events to give you an even deeper look inside the exhibition spaces, along with other perks, so be sure to check their calendars ahead of time.


Start a Garden

Provide your kids with a lesson in responsibility and patience. Growing a garden is a great way for kids to learn about nature and how to care for something. Flowers are an easy start for young children or you can experiment with easy-to-grow vegetables, like carrots, lettuces, and herbs. Nothing will compare to your child’s sense of accomplishment when they get some beautiful blooms and hearty veggies that can be served at family dinner for everyone to enjoy.

Farmer’s Market

Not enough time to plant a garden? Go to a farmer’s market instead! You and your children can have fun buying all the produce the summer season has to offer. Then, take it home and whip up a classic dish together, like coleslaw from scratch or strawberry rhubarb pie. For younger kids, farmer’s markets offer lots of fun activities for them to enjoy, like games, crafts, and music, all while you get your grocery shopping done!


Amusement Park

If your kids get tired of doing the same thing and playing games indoors, turn their summer upside down (literally). Amusement parks are a fun way to give thrill-seekers the sense of adventure they crave. Most parks have a vast number of rides for all ages, making them a great place for everyone to enjoy. If it is a particularly hot day, cool down at the waterpark and enjoy a frozen treat.

Play a Sport

Got a little athlete on your hands? Provide them with the opportunity to enhance their skills by signing them up for a summer sports league or athletic camp. This is a great way for them to make new friends with others who have similar interests as well as refine their technique and grow their passion for the game. If your child is new to sports, this is the perfect way for them to give it a try in a low-pressure environment where they can test out something new.


Picnics are a classic for summer fun! Get a traditional wicker basket and pack it full of tea sandwiches, fruit, cookies, and other finger foods. Or take your picnic to the local park to grill up some traditional cookout fare, like burgers and hot dogs, while bringing your own cornbread, pasta salad, and other barbecue essentials. Don’t forget the picnic blanket and some dessert!



There’s nothing more rewarding than using your time to help those in need. Volunteering is an important practice to instill in children. The younger they start doing it, the easier it will be to make it a habit. Volunteering will also help teach your children empathy and understanding. It is a crucial lesson for them to learn that there are people who are not as lucky as them and that they are capable of making a real difference in the lives of others.

This summer, whatever you choose to do, soak up every minute of it and take an active role in your young children’s lives. The days may be longer, but they will go by fast. So make the most out of each one by making great memories to last a lifetime!