Holiday Safety for Baby

The most wonderful time of the year is indeed magical, but it can also pose extra dangers to your little bundle of joy. While there’s no need to freak out, it’s smart to take precautions so your baby remains safe and happy all through the holiday season.

Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights are manufactured to be very safe, and unless you have a short, they never cause fires. However, they are strung on cords, which post a strangulation risk. Don’t leave the babe alone with your tree.


Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanza, have an altar set up or just love lighting festive candles in the windows, be careful to keep them out of reach of little hands. Babies can not only get burned by the flames, but pull candles down and spill hot wax on themselves. At the least this will result in burns and squalling, and can even do damage to eyes or mouths. Never put lit candles on your Christmas tree, baby or no. #firehazard

Presents Under the Tree

Not all presents are safe, which is another reason not to leave your baby alone with the tree. Chewing on presents can be bad for your child (dyes and other additives can get into their mouths), and the contents of packages can be sharp, pose choking hazards and even be poisonous. Ribbons with wires also pose a threat, so be careful to either keep those out of reach or tuck the ends under and tape them.


We all know fire burns, but even “protected” fireplaces can be dangerous. The glass that fronts gas fireplaces is hot enough to give third-degree burns, as are cast iron stoves. Open fireplaces, even with screens, can spit sparks and create dangerous piles of embers. While you shouldn’t avoid the cheerful crackling, you should be sure you’re around whenever baby is near flame.

Cold Weather

Babies can’t regulate their body temperature the way we can, and they also can’t “get moving” to warm up. That means they need extra protection. Be sure to keep carseat and stroller covers on hand, and dedicate blankets to each so you’re never without them. Baby buntings are a good idea in extra-cold weather.

Want to learn more about holiday safety or load up on gear as we head into the colder months? Come on down to Under the Almond Trees and learn more!

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