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How to Plan the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

Another year older calls for another reason to celebrate! Birthdays are a big deal, especially when they occur in the summer. There are so many fun ways to celebrate with your child and make it a special day all about them. Summer birthdays are perfect for hosting an outdoor party, giving guests extra space for fun and less clean up for you. Even better, there are lots of free activities and places for you to go, like the park or community pool, making them versatile and unique. Summer birthdays really are among the best, but they aren’t without their woes. The heat can be a drag, lots of invitees are on vacation, and kids don’t get their special in-school celebration as their other classmates had. If you’re at a loss of ideas while planning your child’s summer birthday party, here are our top suggestions that have been proven to bring the fun and make memories that last!


Pick the Perfect Place

A party is only as good as its venue. Thankfully, summer birthdays offer a wide array of options. You can choose to celebrate on your lawn, in the local park, at the beach, an outdoor venue, amusement park, or wherever else your ideas take you. However, if you live in a location with exceptionally hot or rainy weather, it’s best to put up a tent, have fans handy, and secure a backup location just in case mother nature chooses not to cooperate with your plans.



A summer birthday is a perfect occasion for a seasonally themed birthday! Some of our favorites include throwing sand down in your yard and putting up umbrellas for a beach theme. Or, light up the tiki torches and serve Hawaiian punch for a luau-inspired event. Some other festive options are a garden or tea party, outdoor fiesta, country picnic, old-fashioned lemonade stand, sports-themed, etc.

Cold Treats

Every summer party is not complete without frozen treats for guests to keep cool and refreshed. For a child’s birthday, you can have an ice cream cake instead of a traditional birthday cake or offer a sundae bar for guests to create their own frozen concoction. Some other fun options are ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt, sorbet, Italian ice, fruit pops, frozen watermelon skewers, and baked Alaska. You can also serve frozen drinks, like milkshakes, smoothies, and mocktails that guests of all ages will enjoy. We encourage you to get creative with whatever you choose to serve, tying in your theme and your child’s favorite foods!


Nighttime Ideas

If it is too hot where you live to enjoy the outdoors during the day, come up with some fun ideas to host a night party! This is a fun way for kids to stay up a little later than their bedtime, making their birthday even more special. You can host a movie on the lawn, complete with popcorn and other theater snacks. Or enjoy a night swim in a pool or on a slip ‘n slide. Just be sure to allocate enough sufficient lighting and make sure you aren’t asking too much of other parents to allow their kids to stay up far later than usual. If you are feeling ambitious, even offer to host a sleepover where the kids can camp out in the backyard to create an even more special experience for your child and their friends.

Fun Party Favors

When all is said and done, send your guests home with a goody bag full of things they'll actually enjoy. Skip the traditional candy, bubbles, and bouncy balls. Instead, give your guests something that will keep them occupied during their summer time off, like coloring books, sidewalk chalk, and puzzles. Or, theme the gifts to your party. For example, if you hosted a campout, send them home with a DIY s’mores kit. These gifts feel much more personalized than the traditional goody bag favors, without being too expensive or complicated to assemble.


We hope you can see that throwing the perfect summer birthday really isn’t all that hard! With a little planning and creativity, you can host a party that will be memorable and makes your son or daughter feel like the star that they truly are. By paying attention to the little details and thinking outside the box, you can create a show stopping summer party to remember!