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How to Prepare Your Nursery for Your Newborn’s First Night at Home

There are few moments in life more daunting than bringing home your newborn baby for the very first time. You’re officially out of the hospital and away from the care of the doctors and nurses. There are so many looming questions, especially what it will be like trying to get your baby to sleep these next few months. But no need to panic! You will figure things out over time and we promise you it gets easier. Having a properly prepared nursery can make a world of difference and hopefully can also calm your pregnancy jitters. Here are a few ways to ease the adjustment process.


Start Early

When you get to the later stages of your pregnancy, you won’t have the energy to put together a nursery. Start as soon as you are ready, the earlier the better! You will be able to give the nursery your best effort while you are energized and motivated. You will also save lots of stress and physical strain rather than attempting to put everything together last minute when you are in a time crunch. By planning in advance and starting to make room for baby early, you will allow yourself months to create the special vision you want to see in your newborn’s first room.


Choose a Theme

Things will be much easier for decorating a nursery if you decide on a theme. This way, people don’t give you random items that are mismatched and overwhelm the space. If you aren’t keen on having a specific theme, at least try to narrow down a color scheme or decorating style and display related items on your baby shower registry. This will make any decorating moving forward much easier and keep you from making any impulse buys that don’t go with the vibe you are trying to create.



Fill the Space

Some things that you will need to fill your nursery are a crib, bedding, changing table, dresser, storage baskets, mobile, rocking chair, and clothes hamper. Next, take some safety precautions by adding a monitor, nightlights, cordless blinds and electric sockets covers. Many parents will opt to have a bassinet in their master bedroom that the baby will sleep in until they can soundly sleep through the night. A bassinet is a great option because it is smaller than a crib, so your little newborn will feel more secure. It is also easier to move, which will come in handy when the time finally comes for your baby to sleep in their own room.


Add Some Motion

While sleepless nights for you and your baby are inevitable, they don’t need to carry on forever. There are many methods that parents swear by for calming a baby to sleep, with the most popular being motion. Babies love the feeling of security they get from being rocked and held snug. Today, there are so many items besides rocking chairs that can add some motion to your nurseries, such as electric cribs, glider chairs, and multi-functional bouncers. It all depends on your personal style and preference.



Create Extra Comfort

Once you have all of the above necessities added to your nursery, consider some final touches to complete the space and make it as cozy as can be. You might want to add some decor like a crib canopy or soft blanket to throw over your rocking chair. Perhaps you will want to add a noise machine or blackout shades to drown out any distractions during naptime. It is also smart to add recess lighting to match any time of day or throw in a fun little reading nook. Just be sure to always keep in mind functionality, safety, and comfort!


The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Creating the perfect nursery for your newborn’s first night at home is going to take some time and planning. While there is much to buy, focus on purchasing high-quality products that will be safe and last you a while. When it all comes down to it, getting your baby comfortable at home is going to be a process of trial and error. But we promise you will learn something new every day and hope you enjoy the company of your newest family member!