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How to Shop for the Holidays in the Summer

We know what you’re thinking. Summer is just getting into full swing and we are already thinking about Christmas? Yup! Summer shopping has so many great benefits, like fewer lines and the best sales. Plus, there is no such thing as ever being too prepared. Here are our favorite reasons to shop this summer and our tips for doing it right.


Why Summer?

Summer is the best time to prepare yourself for the holidays for many reasons. First off, items tend to go on sale in the summer because businesses experience a slow down in traffic when the weather is nice, so they typically offer some sort of incentive to get visitors through their doors. The best part is that there will be fewer shoppers and shorter lines for you to deal with. Next, you’re giving yourself lots of time to prepare. Is an item out of stock and you need to wait a bit for the right size or color to come back? Not a problem! You still have nearly 5 months to wait to receive the perfect item. Lastly, shopping while stressed and in a time crunch isn’t any fun at all. It definitely doesn’t bring out the holiday spirit in us! Instead, shop in the summer when you are less stressed and can actually enjoy the process. Then you will have more time in the winter to do all of the fun holiday activities that we love, like baking cookies, watching Christmas movies with the family, and going to look at decorative light displays.



Organize Your List

By now, you should have a rough idea of who you will be buying for this year. Things change slightly as the years pass but they tend to stay relatively the same overall. Start with the people you buy for every year, like your Mom, Dad, siblings, significant other, and your kids. Then, feel free to take a few people off that you aren’t going to buy for. Maybe you and your spouse decided not to give gifts this year and save for a big trip instead. Or maybe one of your friends moved away and you’ll just be sending them a card this year. Once that part is done, add a few people that you know will be new additions to your holiday shopping, like your brother’s new baby that is due in November, the puppy you got the kids recently, or your child’s new teacher. In the true spirit of the holidays, also consider spreading some joy to nearby families that are in need or consider donating to your favorite charity.


Find Sales

With summer comes lots of sales! With Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, businesses are capitalizing on these summer celebrations to bring more shoppers into their stores. Not to forget, back to school sales are also in full swing. Lots of retailers are offering great incentives to shop, so if you know you’re going to be buying a particular gift, you might as well get it now while it is on sale. Some of our favorite summer sales to be on the lookout for are Amazon Prime Day and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.



Start Saving

If you aren’t keen on the idea of shopping in the summer, the least you can do is start saving for your holiday gift giving now. Take a look at your monthly income, expenses, and projected holiday expenditures. Make a list of what you think you’ll need to buy and a rough estimate of how much it is going to cost you. Then, start saving a little each week that will help you meet this goal. When you’re finally mentally ready to go holiday shopping, you’ll have a sizeable portion of funds waiting for you. Setting aside even just $5 a week can really add up over the course of the next few months!


Final Thoughts

Just because we associate the holiday season with colder weather and longer shopping lines does not mean we need to make that the reality. Get a head start on your holiday gift list this year by shopping in the summer when you’re less stressed, the lines are shorter, and the savings are greater. Come December, you’ll thank yourself for being proactive and getting your holiday shopping done well in advance, leaving you more time for family fun and celebrating!