Car Seats

No baby gear is more important to your child’s safety than the car seat, but we know it can be tough finding the right one with so many choices. We can help you evaluate your options and find the right car seat for baby.

Here are some things to know about car seats as you start your search:

Infant car seats
These car seats are for babies from 0 to about 1 year old, after which you’ll need a car seat for toddlers. Smaller and relatively lightweight, infant car seats are more portable and versatile and can be quickly snapped into coordinating strollers/stroller frames and car seat bases that stay in the car.

Convertible car seats
Many convertible car seats are made for babies from birth through the toddler years, meaning you only have to buy one car seat rather than two. These are larger and heavier than infant car seats, so they’re less portable and remain secured in the car.

Booster seats
When little ones outgrow the car seat, it’s time to switch to a booster seat. They may stay in their booster seat for several years, so it’s smart to choose one that’s durable and comfortable.

Not all car seats fit all cars. Larger car seats may not fit well in the back seat of smaller vehicles, especially if there’s more than one car seat.

Stroller compatibility
In our store, every car seat we sell has a compatible stroller option, so you can’t go wrong!

At Under the Almond Trees, we carry a large selection of car seats that are safe, stylish, and parent-approved from the following high-quality brands:

Infant: Pipa, Pipa rx, Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite r, Pipa Lite lx, Pipa Lite rx

Convertible: Rava, Exec

Booster: Aace

Infant: Liing, Liingo

Convertible: Foonf, Fllo

Booster: Oobr, Olli

Infant: Cloud Q

Convertible: Sirona S, Eternis S

Infant: Turtle One
An infant car seat/stroller in one

Come to our King Street store to see our selection of car seats for yourself, or take advantage of our complimentary virtual personal shopper service to find your car seat and have your item(s) shipped straight to your door.