Finding the right stroller can be overwhelming. We’re here to help. Our stroller experts know our products inside and out and can help you find the right stroller for your family’s lifestyle.

Some things to consider when choosing a stroller include:

Family size
Single strollers, double strollers, or strollers with expandable options like a ride-on board (aka sibling board, kid board) to accommodate families of different sizes.

Expected use
Are you a jogger, do you travel as a family a lot, will you be mostly using the stroller for walks around the mall? The right stroller for you is one that’s a good fit for your lifestyle and activities.

Size and weight
Select a stroller that will fit easily into your vehicle’s trunk or cargo space and is light enough for you to lift and carry.

With so many options on the market, you can likely find a stroller that meets all your practical needs and looks great, too.

Car seat compatibility
In our store, every stroller we sell has a compatible car seat option, so you can’t go wrong!

We carry a curated selection of stylish and durable strollers from high-quality brands. These strollers have been carefully selected and can be used for 2-3 kids – even more when treated well. Brands we carry:

Pepp Next, Triv, Tavo Next, Mixx Next, Demi Grow
Bee 6, Lynx, Fox 3, Donkey 3
Jet, Comet, Wave
Balios S Lux, Priam, Gazelle S
Hub+, Day3, Geo2
An infant car seat/stroller in one
A wagon but can be used as a stroller

Come to our King Street store to see for yourself. Here you can take the strollers off the shelf, push them around, and find what feels best. If you’re not in the Charleston area, take advantage of our complimentary virtual personal shopper service and have your item(s) shipped straight to your door.